Thank you Corbett Community!

Corbett Community,

I would like to personally thank the Corbett community for passing the Corbett Fire District Bond. Our firefighters are out every day working for their community and deeply appreciate the support.

With the passing of the bond, we will begin the planning process.  Improvements include:  1) building an additional building at the Corbett station to house apparatus and provide additional storage space, 2) building a training facility, and 3) replacing our current ambulance style rescue vehicle with a smaller 4-wheel drive rescue truck.

At the Springdale station, we will be building an additional single bay building to house a water tender and provide additional storage space. We will also be strategically installing water cisterns throughout our community.

We have been improving our apparatus, equipment, and training program for the past several years. Your support will allow us to make these modest improvements which will position Corbett Fire to serve our community for years into the future. Our volunteers provided 12,572 hours of training, calls for service, and community outreach in 2021.

I am making the commitment to keep our community updated on progress and expenses of these projects.  I will provide these updates quarterly.

Thank you,

Corbett Fire
Rick Wunsch

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