Meet Our Firefighters


Troy Snelling

Tim Sherman

Dave Selden

Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky

Eric Eaton

Anthony DeBlock

Jake Kerslake

Wendy Wellot


Daren Martin

Duane Redfield

Tim Downing

Nelson Rolens

Brad Loitved

Courtney Hofeld

Andrew Parker

Kelly Purvine

Rhylan Wardle

Philip Arnold

Robert Hattan

Brian Potts


Brent Younker

Larry Traxler

Joe Fahlman

Tessie Adams

Troy Younker

Joy Friedel

Rex Sconce


Kanyon Reams (IT Department)

Dennis Bryson (Social Media)

Glenn Austin (Chaplain)

Our Experience

Community Orientated

The Corbett Fire District takes pride in the serving the communities of Corbett, Bridal Viel, Springdale, and Aims.


After completing a rigorous recruit academy. Corbett Firefighters continue to train and hone their skills by drilling every Monday night.


The men and women of the Corbett Fire District volunteer their time to provide the best service possible for the community,


Corbett Fire was the first fire agency in the state of Oregon to purchase and utilize a handheld under water sonar system for use in water rescues.


As more and more people each year choose the gorge to recreate, the call volume for Corbett Fire continues to increase. Despite that, we're still able to provide the high quality service we're known for.

Here since the start.

The Corbett Fire District was founded in 1949 and holds deep roots in the community.